Who We Are

Frontline Workers, Fenceline Communities United for Justice

What We Do

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Ground our work in organizing support and community building.

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Safely shift toward a sustainable economy to scale.

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Transition away from unsustainable methods and practices.

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Transition to local and regional economic models.

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Ensure a just transition guided by the right policies.

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Who Benefits?

Workers on the Frontlines

Helping those in service, energy, farmworker and chemical sectors influence policy solutions that affect their jobs.

People of Color, Indigenous People and Low-Income Communities

We aim to ameliorate the lack of education and knowledge of choices when dealing with unwarranted toxic trespass.

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With your help, we can go longer and faster. Support the fight against toxic production in workplaces and communities.

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About us

The Just Transition Alliance was founded in 1997 as a coalition of environmental justice organizations and labor unions.

Together with frontline workers and community members who live along the fence-line of polluting industries, we create healthy workplaces and communities.

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