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Frontline Workers, Fenceline Communities United for Justice

José Bravo, Executive Director

@jtalliance There is no cookie cutter approach to #JustTransition—but both workers and communities are essential in a just transition. Just Transition Alliance Executive Director José Bravo explains more in this video. He also talks about how the #UNFCCC is using #justtransition language that promotes climate #falsesolutions such as nuclear energy and hydrogen. José joins Central Florida Jobs with Justice, Familias Unidas por la Justicia and United Steelworkers Local 675 as part of the Workers & Communities delegation and #ItTakesRoots. #JustTransition #JustTransitionNotNetZero #NoNetZero #COP27 #ClimateReparations #ClimateJustice #EnvironmentalJustice #ItTakesRoots #KeepItInTheGround @josetoscano2022 ♬ original sound - Just Transition Alliance

Ananda Lee Tan, Strategy Advisor

@jtalliance Our Strategy Advisor Ananda Lee Tan is at #COP27 as part of the Workers and Communities delegation and #ItTakesRoots; we are urging global leaders to pick a side. Are the on side of dangerous polluters or in the side of communities and people? #JustTransition #KeepItInTheGround #JustTransitionNotNetZero #PeopleOverProfits #Hoodwinked #NoNetZero #COP27 #ClimateReparations #ClimateJustice #EnvironmentalJustice #ItTakesRoots #justtransitionalliance ♬ original sound - Just Transition Alliance


Photo: MacKenzie Marcelin at COP26, Glasgow

Founded in 1997, the Just Transition Alliance (JTA) serves people of color, Indigenous peoples and low-income communities living under the threat of polluting industries; and workers, in the service, energy, farmworker and chemical sectors. A 501(c)(3), we focus on community education, awareness and action that aims to ameliorate the lack of knowledge and the lack of choices that our communities and workers face when dealing with unwarranted toxic trespass.

One of our main objectives is shifting toward a sustainable economy that does not compromise people and our environment—one that is driven by those at the frontline and on the fencelines of unsustainable production. Our goal is to transition to local and regional economic models that service their population, which we will only achieve by transitioning away from unsustainable methods and practices that exacerbate the disproportionate impact that toxic chemicals have on communities of color and Indigenous peoples.

We ground our work in organizing and community building around the health and safety threats to workers. We believe we’ll reach our goal by helping workers and communities to unite and achieve a just transition from toxic-reliant industries and products to industries that adopt and employ clean production processes. A just transition moves us toward a safer and cleaner economy, workplaces that are guided by laws that will require direct action on the worst chemicals, health and safety information for all chemicals, and a health-based standard that protects the most vulnerable populations and workers first.

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