Hoodwinked in the Hothouse, Third Edition is Now Available as an Audiobook!

You’ve probably seen a lot about false solutions to the climate crisis but have you heard enough? Ready to learn about real solutions? Hoodwinked in the Hothouse: Third Edition is now available in audiobook format!

The English audiobook of the third edition of Hoodwinked in the Hothouse is now available for download and streaming! Narrated by grassroots, organizers, movement strategists and thought leaders from across our climate and environmental justice movements, Hoodwinked is a concise-yet-comprehensive compendium of false corporate promises that continue to hoodwink elected officials and the public, leading us down risky pathways poised to waste billions of public dollars on a host of corporate snake-oil schemes and market-based mechanisms. These false solutions impact Indigenous Peoples, People of Color, and frontline communities most–and distract from the real solutions that serve our most urgent needs. 

Watch the Video Version

The third version of Hoodwinked in the Hothouse was released in April 2021 as a pop-ed zine collaboratively produced to provide a much-needed compendium of false solutions. During that mobilization and in years since, this zine has played a major role in raising awareness across climate movements around the world – both helping frontline organizers in their fights against destructive energy proposals and shifting policy positions of large non-governmental organizations. The zine is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Where to hear the audiobook: