Reflections and Future Visions from the 2023 JTA Strategic Planning Meeting

four people standing in front of colorful mural

JTA staff, pretending to be a boy band.  Social Justice Center, Madison WI.  Photo credit: Michael Green

The Just Transition Alliance strengthened our internal alignment through a powerful strategic planning meeting from December 1st to December 4th, 2023 in Madison, Wisconsin. Our wonderful Education Coordinator Tyler Norman guided us through three intense days of discussion which clarified our vision for 2024 and beyond. We reflected on our legacy of shaping the environmental justice and labor movements and how this legacy thrives in our exciting plans for the future.

JTA remains committed to supporting frontline workers and fenceline communities to organize just transition pathways away from harmful, extractive industries—from the prison industrial complex in Adelanto to ethylene crackers and carbon capture in the Gulf Coast and more. As we move into 2024, follow us for updates on the rollout of our Tools for Transformative Change and Just Markets trainings aimed at cultivating young organizers’ ability to galvanize just transitions in their neighborhoods and workplaces.