Education Coordinator

Tyler Norman

Tyler Norman has a background in art & storytelling, popular education, youth mentorship, and  network organizing.  He attended United World College of India – Mahindra and has a deep commitment to internationalist values. 

Additionally, he has extensive experience in grassroots humanitarian crisis response, as well as the more common day-to-day “Mutual Aid” work that slowly but surely builds alternative local economies and opportunities for those shut out of the exploitative corporate economy.  He understands that only we keep each other safe and healthy, and that strong tight-woven communities brave enough to tackle hard conversations and defend their lands and cultures are key to sustainability, peace, collective empowerment, and deep fulfillment for all.  

Learn more about Tyler’s volunteer work with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and Mutual Aid Networks.  See innovative collaborative art/education projects at Beehive Collective and Symbiosis Strategic Education, plus a personal pop-ed blog at Big Ideas For Bees.