JTA stands in solidarity with the New Mexico No False Solutions Coalition

billboard depicting burning hydrogen blimp

Billboard advertisement from NM No False Solutions Coalition.

This February, our families in New Mexico launched the New Mexico No False Solutions Coalition, in order to fight a host of false corporate climate schemes being promoted in their state. This coalition was formed and purposed:

to ensure that unproven climate-mitigation measures that rely on market-based mechanisms such as energy investments in hydrogen, carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) and carbon-offsetting schemes are properly critiqued and debunked. Examples of the various coalition organizations’ legislative demands include legislation for near zero emissions reduction, funding to address the public health impacts of climate change, Local Choice Energy, no hydrogen energy production of any kind, and funding for oversight and enforcement of industrial waste sites.”

In a state where environmental racism has historically been defined by the cycle of violence and harm caused by polluting industries such as uranium mining, nuclear weapons and radioactive waste, it is outrageous that governments would invite more deadly corporate schemes like CCS, hydrogen fuels and carbon markets to threaten the lives of Indigenous communities and communities of color on the frontlines of the ecological crisis. We call on all peoples to rally around the NM No False Solutions coalition – to put public need ahead of corporate greed!

To learn more about the New Mexico No False Solutions Coalition and their ongoing work, you can visit their website and read this powerful op-ed.

Leona Morgan of NM No False Solutions Coalition, holding "Hoodwinked in the Hothouse" book in front of nuclear symbol

Leona Morgan in front of the Atoms 4 Climate booth at COP27. Credit: Nona Chai