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“Ultimately, what we’re saying is that everybody deserves the right — and has the civil right, the human right, the unalienable right — to live in a toxic-free environment…” – José Bravo (Click here to read the press release)





“… Jose Bravo, Coordinator of the Campaign for Healthier Solutions, said, “For five years, the Campaign for Healthier Solutions has been calling on dollar stores to protect our children’s health and eliminate any toxic chemicals that may be in products and food they sell, and finally, some are beginning to listen. Dollar General’s new initial chemical policy, revealed for the first time today, is a good start, and we’re looking forward to hearing more about the progress Dollar Tree has made. Unfortunately, 99 Cents Only Stores continues to fail to publicly address toxic chemicals that can impact public health and safety. People of color and the poor rely on the food and products sold at dollar stores, so we’ll continue to encourage these stores to eliminate any toxic chemicals from their products, and do so in a transparent and publicly accountable way—because every family deserves the opportunity to make healthy choices.” …” (Click here to read the press release)



“… “We’d really like them to be stronger and more concise about what it means to move away from fossil fuels and transition to renewables,” said José Bravo, executive director of the Just Transition Alliance and speaking on behalf of the Climate Justice Alliance. …” (Click here to read article by Rachel Cohen)


“… “For us, the best way to deal with climate crisis is to reduce the amount of carbon emissions instead of putting on a Band-Aid approach,” says José Bravo, executive director of the Just Transition Alliance, a coalition of environmental justice and labor organizations. “We can’t move forward with any plan that does not take into consideration the legacy that dirty energy has left in our communities and the cleanup that needs to happen as well.” …” (Click here to read article by Justine Calma)


“You have to get geo engineering out [of the Green New Deal], carbon markets and cap and trade out, industrial carbon capture out of that, nuclear energy out…, climate smarts agriculture out of it, incineration out, and this biofuels piece. It has to come out. If it doesn’t come out, we’re going to be in that same situation… you will have transferred the burden of this policy to our communities… We have to understand that moving forward, any policies… if it doesn’t include the legacy that dirty energy and dirty production of chemicals have left in our communities, then it’s not a solution… If it doesn’t include the cleanup of our communities, and the legacy that the dirty energy has left behind… then we are not going to support it. – José Bravo

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“… “Communities of color and low-income families have always faced a disproportionate burden of toxic floodwaters and chemical spills, but this is a burden no community deserves.  Congress was wise to require EPA to establish rules to prevent worst-case scenario toxic chemical spills almost 30 years ago, and it would be wise for EPA to finally take action to protect our families,” said Jose Bravo, Executive Director of the Just Transition Alliance, an EJHA affiliated organization. …” (Click here to read article by the Natural Resources Defense Council)





“… The Jemez principles would later ground principles of the Just Transition Alliance, the Indigenous Environmental Network, and the Climate Justice Alliance. In today’s parlance, Bravo qualifies as a movement O.G., so in the current rush to define “just transition,” he gets asked a lot why the Just Transition Alliance never copyrighted the term.

“Because we don’t believe in that,” he says. “We believe just transition is as open-source now as it’s ever been. But we do want people to know it didn’t start today.” …” (Click here to read article by Earth Island Journal)


“… “We used to call that economic extortion — in order to have a job you needed to be in a dirty job,” says Jose Bravo, the executive director of the Just Transition Alliance. Bravo, who organizes for clean jobs in California, says he’s seen decades of false promises by the fossil fuel industry. …” (Click here to read article by Grist)