Changing Chemicals Policy

Today, many people are exposed to poisonous chemicals at work and in products. These dangerous chemicals are treated as if they’re safe until proven to harm people. But, the Just Transition Alliance is working to change this broken system. We are actively engaged in national and statewide coalitions working to reform how chemicals are regulated, so that they are proven safe before being allowed in consumer products and the workplace. Nontoxic chemicals and manufacturing processes can and should be used- and now is the time to make this shift.

The Just Transition Alliance is on the steering committee of the State Alliance for Federal Reform of Chemical Policy (SAFER). The SAFER campaign’s goal is to create a national plan that requires removing harmful chemicals from commerce.

Just Transition Alliance is a founding member, and co-convenor of Californians for a Healthy & Green Economy (CHΔNGE) . CHΔNGE is a new effort working to fundamentally transform how chemicals are managed so they are proven safe before being allowed on the market. This is a pivotal opportunity to reduce worker and community exposures to harmful chemicals, improve the enforcement of health-protective laws and regulations, and expand California’s economy by creating innovative green chemistry-based jobs and industries. we are working to transform how chemicals are regulated in California by playing a key role in California’s Department of Toxic Substances Green Chemistry Initiative. CHΔNGE supports developing a green chemistry program that addresses all aspects of production, beginning with how resources are extracted, and ending with reusing nontoxic waste materials.

Both efforts are critical opportunities to reduce worker and community exposure to harmful chemicals, and expand innovative green chemistry-based jobs and industries. Green chemistry has the potential to engineer the danger out of chemical production by replacing dangerous chemicals with ones that are nontoxic, noncarcinogenic, and biodegradable.